Sharm - Sierra Resort, Nabq Bay, Sharm El Sheikh
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The Sierra Resort has all the facilities needed for a complete holiday, a food shopping hall, numerous gift and utility stores and facilitites for excursions are all available. Adjacent to the resort is the Jasmine Centre offering further options on the doorstep. Turning left out of the complex there are  bazaars, bars, restaurants with well known European brands available in the Al Khan and La Strada shopping malls. The resort guide in the hotel lobby or information in the apartment will provide the details covering things that you might like to do. If you are not sure ask, someone will always help you.
 Starting you holiday with no fuss is always important especially if you've travelled for several hours. There really is no need to hang around in the heat of the day at the airport on arrival. Pick up and quick transfer to the resort can easily be arranged. When you have collected your cases and are wondering where to go its always welcoming to see somebody stood there holding a plackard with your name on it
 You have lots of opportunity to experience the offerings of Egypt while in Sharm el Sheikh.  While we don't recommend trying to squeeze too much in, make sure you have experienced the full offerings by planning your day and night time activities. Allow sufficient time to do things in a relaxed way, the heat can make for a long exhausting day
 The Sierra Resort has a welcoming and pleasent communial spirit developed through the residents and diving/kite surfing communities that frequently visit the resort. People are more than happy to provide information about the resort and the surrounding coastline. A lot of information can be picked up through social chat around the pools and bars
Sierra Resort key facts
 With 10 pools and the large hotel pool there is ample opportunity to soak up the sun. sunbeds and shades are provided by the Resort complex, so select the one you want, relax and enjoy your stay!
 Taxi's and and small blue buses run regularly to Naama Bay and the old town
 ATM's, Banks and exchange bureau are readily available in Nabq bay
 Beach access - turn right out of the Resort, cross the road and walk adjacent to the Magic Life Hotel to the roundabout, turn left towards the beach
 As well as the resort supermarket there is a 247 and Metro supermarket available as you turn left out of the complex